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Brunch at Cafe Gourmet
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Cafe Gourmet - Enjoy Gourmet Cuisine at Cafe Prices in Willow Glen

Cafe Gourmet is located in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose, California. This recently opened restaurant, started by Chef John Stratton - a graduate of the California Culinary Academy, is an instant stand-out amoung the fine establisments found here in Willow Glen.


Cafe Gourmet serves an amazing cuisine of tasteful and treat-filled selections on its Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner menus. All meals are prepared with organic fruits and vegetables in mind as well as serving our organic roasted coffee. Without a doubt, you will find yourself returning time and again to enjoy yet another truly gastronomical delight.


Chef John has created a friendly atmosphere that fosters a constant buzz of conversation and compliments from the continual flow of daily customers. Once you taste one of his fabulous dishes, you will know that you have found a hidden treasure and a new friend.


Catering Services are also available and feature the same fabulous dishes you are a custom to.